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2nd Anniversary, Unpacking is now free!
Hello everyone! On September 15th, 2018, the full version of Unpacking was released. It had the honor to be features in sites like RockPaperShotgun , Warpdoor a...
Updates and Sale
As you may know, Unpacking is currently free due to the quarantine. I wanted to help everybody to pass their time more happily trying out this little game. More...
3 files — 1.1.1
Unpacking Released
So, after 8 months of work, Unpacking has been released! It's a game about inspecting packages, and decide if they will be denied/accepted depending on the rule...
6 files — DEMO-0.3.1, 1.0.1
The huge changes in the game
Hey, this months i have been working on ton of Unpacking features but i didn't publish any devlog to show them, you can follow me on twitter @therodel77 to get...
900 Downloads / DEMO-0.3.0 (News) / RPS / 1.0 info
Hey Unpackers today is my birthday, so i want to share some updates about the development of 1.0 & stuff: 900 Downloads: After 92 of Unpacking release we reach...
3 files — DEMO-0.3.0
Achievements, localization and ludum dare!
Hey unpackers! I am here with another devlog, today i have lot of news about the unpacking progress, probably the most important thing is: Achievements: As you...
It's been a long time
It's been a long time, how have you been? I been really busy... Hey, sorry for lack of devlog entries, you can follow on my twitter to get more info about updat...
Latest free version!
Hey! Today i released demo.0.2.1, this will be the demo version of unpacking now i will start working on the final release, it will cost 1$, stay tuned for more...
3 files — demo.0.2.1
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