Achievements, localization and ludum dare!

Hey unpackers! I am here with another devlog, today i have lot of news about the unpacking progress, probably the most important thing is:


As you can see, there are two type of achievements, the "progressable" and "just get it", also i added 3 sprites for achievement difficulty the "amateur unpacker" is gold just for test, but at the end it will be bronze


I spent some time preparing Unpacking for localization, search another font that support at least latin1 and i used unifont as fallback, there is some test:

Is not a very huge change, but probably will save ton of time in the future

Ludum Dare 41:

Also i want to share my LD41 entry, if you want to try it:

Its all for this devlog, see you soon with more Unpacking info!

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