Future plans & Answering not asked questions

Hey, some weeks ago i released unpacking 0.1.1 with days 2,3,4... and 5! Also i published is on gamejolt and these days i was thinking about some future changes in the game, add a quick FAQ (Anybody asked this, but i think its interesting):

Color Blind Setting?

In early versions i think about adding color blind but after a little bit of research i found lot of softwares that do this in the entire screen, also i don't think that is a problem in this game, deny and accept icons are completely different nothing its color-driven, if you are having any trouble playing the game please let me know ;)


Today i was thinking on create a new full version that cost idk something like 1 euro, add more days, tweak a lot of gfx, create a summary at the end of level with some prizes etc, and

If i do that would you buy that version, you think this game can be 1 euro worth or probably bit more? Please leave it on comments i wanna know!

New Games?

I started this game on December i think, like my first finished game, i wanted something simple and fun, this was an a idea from lot of years ago, and while making the game i figured out that game developing is more hard that i though, also this project taught me a lot of it, sure i will be creating more games in fact i was planning to create a "rebirth" version of my ld40 entry, also tell me what you think about it!

The game its losing some focus but thanks everyone for supporting it, its my first real experience and get 200 downloads in a couple days was like an impossible thing coming possible, this tweet was impressive i never expected that thanks to warpdoor for it ;)

Also i built a new webpage, if you wan't to know more about my projects



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Version 0.1.1 Feb 18, 2018
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Version 0.1.1 Feb 18, 2018
unpacking-windows.zip 8 MB
Version 0.1.1 Feb 18, 2018

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